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From: $600
Boat: Power Boats
Seats: 12

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Virgin Island Luxury Charters

In 2014, the concept of luxury day charters was redefined in the idea that became Midnight Sun Charters. Seeing an opportunity in a growing charter market, Capt. Doyle teamed up with an investor in 2015 to create a whole new level of affordable, high end, private charters. When Obsidian hit the waters around the Virgin Islands it became an instant success, and one of the most well known boats around.

After the IrMaria storms of September 2017, the islands fell into recovery mode and there was a pause in tourism. The business was sold and Obsidian was sent back to the manufacturer in Miami for repairs & new upgrades. She was delivered back to island November of 2018 and quickly regained its position as one of the premier charter boats. It was now able to offer an even more luxurious experience for those discerning charter guests looking for that ultimate boat day cruising around the islands in the utmost comfort and style.

With the continued success in our charter operations, and the anticipated opening of St Thomas’ mainstay hotels (Ritz & Marriott), we looked to explore options to add a second and even more luxurious boat to the fleet. In late 2019, we acquired our second boat, a 43ft Midnight Express, that we named Onyx. As soon as Onyx arrived on island, it was an instant hit. With the added length and wider beam, she is a beast out on the ocean. She cuts through waves like a butter knife through warm butter, smooth and swiftly. For those guests looking for the added room and comfort in ride, she is the perfect charter boat!

We invite one and all to come take a day trip with us, let us show you our favorite spots, we can get you there faster and more efficiently, giving you more time at your destination to enjoy natures wonders in the Virgin Isles!

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