Cruz Bay Watersports USVI

From: $99
Boat: Power Boats, Sailing Yachts
Seats: 80

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The Best Snorkel and Charters

Cruz Bay Watersports USVI is the number one watersports company in the Virgin Islands. They offer sailing charters and snorkeling trips at various locations throughout St John and St Thomas. Cruz Bay Watersports has been providing water-based adventures for over 40 years. Boat tours are their specialty, including snorkeling, sunset sails and more. Cruz Bay Watersports USVI have several different powerboats and sailing catamaran charters, more details in the book now button.

Many of their excursions will take you to popular spots and destinations, e.g., Charter to Pizza Pi, Charter to Lime Out Bar, Maho Bay etc. Along the way you will go for a snorkel around some of the best spots around the US Virgin Islands, swim with turtles and around coral reefs.

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