Arawak Fishing Expeditions

From: $500
Boat: Power Boats
Seats: 2

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Fly Fishing Charters USVI

Join us on with Arawak Fishing Expeditions for a half day or a full day of fly fishing and/or light-tackle, inshore fishing. Arthur has been fly fishing in St. John and in the Virgin Islands for over 25 years, and has been a guide and captain for the past 18 years. He specializes in bonefish and tarpon on the fly, but you may catch other species as well, such as snook, jacks, bonita,  barracudas or sharks.

Tarpon (Megalops Atlanticus), or the “Silver King,” is a magnificent fish that leaps spectacularly when hooked. We have a resident population of tarpon that are here year-round, although we see a lot more – and bigger schools – in the summer and fall. The tarpon here range in size from just a few pounds to over 100 pounds.

There are many other species that we go after, depending upon what’s biting and the time of year: snook, jacks, cero mackerel, bonita (little tunny), snappers, barracuda, sharks and more!

Bonefish (Albule Vulpes), “The Gray Ghost of the Flats” as they are called, are among the most difficult of all fish to catch. They are also one of the most fun to catch. When you hook into one, before you know it, your reel is singing and you are well into your backing. Landing one is no easy feat. Here in the Virgin Islands, we regularly see schools of six to a dozen fish. We mostly target these small schools, or singles and pairs.

We sometimes find larger schools of 30-40 fish and I’ve occasionally seen schools of 100 or more fish. But let’s be honest: these aren’t the Bahamas and we don’t have miles and miles of flats here. Our flats are small and we therefore don’t have the habitat or the population of bonefish here that some other fishing destinations may have. These fish aren’t easy to catch, but when you do catch one, it is well worth it – our bonefish here can be BIG.

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