Jetpack Riders USVI

Island: St Thomas
Region: USVI

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Fly with a Water Jet Pack!


Fly to new heights with St. Thomas’ first water-propelled jetpack experience. Jetpack Riders is a must try activity for all you daredevils, located at Charlotte Amalie Harbor on St Thomas island.

We strap a Jetpack to your back powered by pressurized water which allows you to fly! It’s the closest thing you will experience to flying like a super hero over the beautiful Caribbean waters.

Within minutes, our Certified Flight Instructors will teach you all the basics. From take-off to landing and everything in between, you’ll be experiencing the dream of flying in no time! Our jetpack is designed for safety and stability in order to ensure a precise and effortless flight.

By the end of your first run, don’t be afraid to try some of the more advanced maneuvers like walking on water, figure-8 turns, hands free flying and donut turns. So take some weight off your shoulders, let us lift your spirits and let the water move you!


So how does the Jetpack work?


Newton’s third law states that for every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction. In this case, the jetpack is ejecting water at high velocity toward the ground. This is generating a significant force downward. The resulting opposite force pushes upward, elevating the rider.

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