The Baths

Island: Virgin Gorda
Region: BVI

The batholiths were formed during the Tertiary period millions of years ago by rock under immense pressure, up into existing volcanic rock layers under the Caribbean Sea. An ecological phenomenon of rock formation that creates a trail between all these huge boulders of about 250 yards long and along with local yarn and history is a most interestingly beautiful part of our world. The enormous 40ft. high boulders form natural tidal pools, arches, grotto’s and tunnels that edge the water and the same while snorkeling the crystal clear waters.

The Baths are the most popular BVI destination and visited by tourists from the US Virgin Islands, BVIs and Puerto Rico. Also the cruise ships will drop their passengers there creating an overcrowded scenario that can be avoided by checking the Roadtown, Tortola cruise ship schedule.

When coming from the USVI both wind and swells need to be checked because when aboard a 30 foot powerboat could prove to be very uncomfortable due to head on winds and swells. Better to charter a bigger boat or hop onto one of the excursion boats of about 50 ft and above. Try to leave early before the winds and swells pick up.